Gracious Hosts

I want to give a loud shout out to all of the amazing hosts who have graciously welcomed me into their homes and their lives over the course of the last three weeks. Unfortunately I only have a photo with the most recent, Maya. Here is a picture of her and I along with Justin, a transamerica cyclist I have met and rode with along the trail.

Maya, the most recent host, obliged Justin and I by accepting our request to stay with her for two nights, as Justin and I agreed to take a rest day, as my knee had been bothering me a bit. 

Maya lives in Berea, KY, a college town with a rich history of academia and arts. She works as a tour guide for Berea and at a jewelry shop. We had many great conversations about spirituality and shared a fantastic meal of homemade Indian food. 

Here is a photo of the stunning sunset after dinner outside of Maya’s house:

I would like to thank Maya, along with all of the other people who have hosted me over the last 23 days. Thank you to Katie, David and Joann, Ed and Becky, Laura and Tommy, and Paul. 

Yesterday a professor named Peter from Berea college confronted me in a coffee shop and inquired if I was a cyclist on the transamerica trail. I told him yes and he kidnapped me for the next two hours to speak with his class about how I read the maps that I purchased for this route from the Adventure Cycling Association. He teaches a course in Entrepreneurship for the public good, and he and his class are interested in presenting a case for creating a new trail system for cyclists. It was an incredible experience to be back in the classroom and to speak with such intelligent and kind students. I very much appreciated the invitation and I hope my input was helpful in influencing and advancing their project. It was a wonderful unexpected time.

Today I cycled around 80 miles from Berea Kentucky to Springfield Kentucky. Tonight I will be staying in a picnic shelter at a public park. The riding has been a bit easier after escaping some unleashed dogs in eastern Kentucky and the mountains in Virginia. 

That’s all for now.

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