Long days, Free Breakfast

I would like to start this post by thanking the random family I met at McDonald’s while changing my first flat tire on this trip. Thank you for buying me breakfast. And for the conversation. I would also like to thank Tabitha and Joel at Mercy Cafe in Ellington, MO for a wonderful breakfast. 

The last few days have been beautiful as I have ridden through the Ozark mountains in Southern MO. There have been amazing rivers and waterways ever since crossing over the missippi river from Chester, KY into MO. Here are a couple of photos:

It has been wonderful to be able to speak with people that I meet about why I am fundraising and who I am fundraising for. Although I have not received many donations since I have started, I plan on organizing some community meetings in a couple of towns further west. The amount of kindness others have shown me has been absolutely incredible and humbling.

Today was a fairly difficult ride from Ellington, MO to Houston, MO. It was around 70 miles and amounted to 5000 ft of elevation change. In a typical day, I try to ride between 40 and 90 miles. This varies depending on weather and terrain. Luckily my knee has not been bothering me quite as much. 

While staying in Chester, KY, I met a wonderful human named Alan. He is from Wyoming and is finishing the Transamerixa trail he started a few years back. He has done the trail in sections, and is finishing it up now that his kids are grown and he is retired. It has been very inspiring to see the amount of people who are middle aged or older who are biking the transamerica trail. Alan is a retired high school guidance counselor and has done many amazing things such as taught English abroad in Istanbul and built the bike he is currently touring on. It was nice to speak with him about his life and hear about his journey so far.

I look forward to meeting many more interesting and kind individuals. 

Here is a photo of a moth I found outside a gas station:

Also, I should mention that I had my first flat tire yesterday. Not bad for completing 1200 miles before having my first flat. I should also mention that I had not put any air in either of my tires since starting one month ago. Overall, my bike is running well. I am happy to be riding a surly cross check. 

One thought on “Long days, Free Breakfast

  1. We are enjoying your updates! So happy the ride is going so well and that you are safe. As a parent , I think that would be my biggest fear. It’s so refreshing to hear about all of the wonderful, giving people you are meeting along the way. Be safe and enjoy the ride!! Rick and Sally Schuman


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